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Termite Inspection

**Inspections are recommended and viewed as essential before any protective measures begin.


Termite treatment begins with a thorough inspection of the home or building and its surroundings. Then, a detailed report of our findings is prepared, which includes:

  • Evidence of infestation, infection, or damage caused by wood-destroying pests and organisms.

  • High-risk termite entry areas that are inaccessible to inspection and termite control options and limitations thereto conducive conditions.

How much will an inspection cost?

A professional termite inspection, report, and protection advice varies in cost depending on the size of the house, the style of construction, and ease of inspection access. However, a professional termite inspection and report could save you thousands of dollars. 

What areas will be inspected?

Specific areas inspected should include accessible timbers within the crawl space in the subfloor, roof void, interior, and exterior in the locality.

Will I need follow-up inspections?

We usually recommend thorough inspections every 3-5 years. The installation of a chemical soil barrier does not negate the need for regular, competent inspections. ​

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